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HGV Inspection Lines - Vehicle test lanes

Serie. AM55300

BilanMatic XG Console

The connected inspection line

ACTIA® has been a major player in vehicle inspection since they were introduced. It invented the famous BilanMatic that centralises test data, and today offers the BilanMatic XG vehicle inspection line (vehicle test lanes).

Designed to the same standards of reliability and performance as its predecessors, the BilanMatic XG offers owners of vehicle inspection centres connected hardware with tools that they can use to manage their investment in real time.

Our multiplexed system improves the performance of your inspection line, producing reliable results every time:

  • Remote maintenance : remote and immediate assistance for your tools,
  • Simplified electronics : quicker and easier maintenance and upgrades for your equipment,
  • 100% digital : more precise measurements and more reliable results,
  • Design : A console designed for work under difficult conditions, while making your workshop more attractive,
  • New Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared remote control with a stop push button for greater safety,
  • Multi-station and multi-controller system : up to 16 vehicles at the same time to boost the profitability of your centre.
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV inspection lines console, ACTIA Automotive.
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