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Inspection lines HGV

HGV axle play detector

Hydraulic axle play detector for heavy goods vehicles

Series. AM56000

In accordance with the European Directive 2014/45/EC, ACTIA’s axle play detectors enable operators to perform visual inspections of axle play (pins, pivots, suspensions, articulations, roller bearings, axle assembly, etc.) on a vehicle.

The axle play detectors are remotely controlled (wire connection) by a torch equipped with switches. The switches control the crossways, lengthways and combined movements of the plates.

Technical featuresAM56000
Dimensions 865 x 665 mm
Centre-to-centre between plates 1.77M
Plate min./max. track 900 mm / 2630 mm
Counter-plate min./max. track 1130 mm / 2390 mm
Plate displacement weight 190 kg
Nominal load per axle 15000 daN
Maximum load per axle 20000 daN
Force without load 3000 daN
Force with full load 2700 daN
Installation drawing for pits IMP214
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