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HGV chassis load simulator

Serie. AM54700

HGV chassis load simulator

According to ISO 21069-1:2004, brake system tests on Heavy Goods Vehicles - HGV must be performed when the vehicle is loaded. Chassis load simulators provide a quick and easy alternative to loading the vehicle with a standard mass.

The ACTIA® chassis load simulator uses a hydraulic lifting system and the axle on the bench supports the weight of the other axles of the tandem or tridem.

The system includes a function to resynchronise the actuators when they reach their end of travel (high or low).

Technical featuresAM54700
Lifting capacity per axle 12 T
Capacity in the low position 20 T
Lifting travel 250 mm
Lifting/lowering time 18 seconds
Service pressure 130 bar
Max. pressure 150 bar
Hydraulic actuators 8 actuators, dual-effect
Min. and max. track 800 mm, 2800 mm
Pulling simulator AM53400
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