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Personal protection equipment

The safety of your employees is essential, which is the reason why, today, we offer adaptable solutions that meet the requirements in different countries, for a safer working environment for brake test benches.

Safety is a top priority for ACTIA®, which is why we offer flexible solutions adapted to your needs that make your test equipment safer.

As required by numerous international standards, we make the distinction between two main danger zones:

  • The high danger zone, containing the bench and the vehicle lane.
  • The low danger zone, containing the inspection pit.

High safety equipment

réf. 123122

This system is made up of bars equipped with a transmitter and a receiver, positioned on each side of the bench, just behind the chain guards, which have been modified to accommodate the beams. If an optimal beam is cut, the motors stop in less than 1 second.

This system also features an orange flashing light on the guardrails on either side of the bench.

If the guardrail cannot be installed, the flashing light can be mounted on the upper safety bars on either side of the bench.

Actia Equipement connexes, Sécurité, Equipements de sécurité haute 1
Actia Equipement connexes, Sécurité, Equipements de sécurité haute 1

Side access protection equipment

    • Fixed guardrails, réf AM123059

The guardrails protect side access to the bench and prevent access to the wheels when they are turning.

    • Swing gates, réf AM122588

Swing gates give warning of the danger to persons approaching the brake test bench from the side. They are used in narrow installations.

Actia Equipement connexes, Sécurité, Equipements de sécurité haute 1

Pit protection equipment

    • Pit safety gate, réf. 123115

Optical safety gates prevent anyone from entering the pit throughout the tests. They stop the motors as soon as the beam is cut.

ACTIA, Vehicle inspection, Pit safety gate


We also offer pit grating adapted to your test bench.

For bench 44700 AM122655
For bench 50500 AM122611
Made-to-measure AM122627
ACTIA, vehicle inspection, safety, grating
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