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HGV Inspection Lines - Vehicle test lanes

BilanMatic XG Console

Serie. AM55300
The connected inspection line

ACTIA® has been a major player in vehicle inspection since they were introduced. It invented the famous BilanMatic that centralises test data, and today offers the BilanMatic XG vehicle inspection line (vehicle test lanes).

Designed to the same standards of reliability and performance as its predecessors, the BilanMatic XG offers owners of vehicle inspection centres connected hardware with tools that they can use to manage their investment in real time.

Our multiplexed system improves the performance of your inspection line, producing reliable results every time:

  • Remote maintenance : remote and immediate assistance for your tools,
  • Simplified electronics : quicker and easier maintenance and upgrades for your equipment,
  • 100% digital : more precise measurements and more reliable results,
  • Design : A console designed for work under difficult conditions, while making your workshop more attractive,
  • New Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared remote control with a stop push button for greater safety,
  • Multi-station and multi-controller system : up to 16 vehicles at the same time to boost the profitability of your centre.

Multiplexed side slip tester with pressure release

Serie. AM10000 RMX-PL

The side slip tester connected to the inspection line is used to measure slippage of the front and rear wheels and to quickly diagnose vehicle geometry. Thanks to its length and the pressure release plate, it can be used to make precise and reproducible measurements. The optical detector at the front of the pressure-release plate is more reliable and avoids mechanical contact.

Technical featuresAM10000 RMX-PL
Plate dimensions 750 x 1100 x 36 mm
Displacement ± 17 mm
Measurement range ± 20 m/km
Load capacity 10 000 kg
Plate coating Mat with rubber nodules
Installation drawing IMP 203
HGV inspection lines - Heavy Vehicle, Multiplexed side slip tester with pressure release, ACTIA Automotive.

Nova bench : HGV brake test bench

Serie. AM50500

A universal brake test bench for heavy goods vehicles with a latest-generation universal-fit braking chassis. Replace your brake test bench without any installation changes and benefit from ACTIA’s technology.

  • Save money : Low-cost adaptation of the pit,
  • Save time : No lengthy stoppages. Quick installation in 16 hours,
  • Continuous operation : No lost uptime.
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV brake test bench - Nova bench, ACTIA Automotive.

Brake test benches for heavy goods vehicles

Series. AM44700 : 20T
Series. AM44750 : Wide version 20T
Series. AM44803 : 15T
Technical featuresref.50500 Nova benchref. 44700ref. 44803
Maximum axle load 20 T 20 T 15 T
Roller diameter 250 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Min. and max. track 800 / 2800 mm 800 / 2800 mm 800 / 2800 mm
Test speed 2,2 km/h 2,2 km/h 2,2 km/h
Brake motors (for easy removal) 2 x 11 Kw 2 x 11 Kw 2 x 11 Kw
Max. braking force 2 x 4000 da N 2 x 4000 da N 2 x 4000 da N
Dry grip coefficient > 0,8 > 0,8 > 0,8
Wet grip coefficient > 0,6 > 0,6 > 0,6
Raised rear rollers 35 mm 35 mm -
Free space between chassis 700 mm 580 mm 500 mm
Installation drawing for pits N° 1211182 IMP 204 IMP 210
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, Brake test benches for heavy goods vehicles, ACTIA Automotive.

Hydraulic axle play detector for heavy goods vehicles

Series. AM56000

In accordance with the European Directive 2014/45/EC, ACTIA’s axle play detectors enable operators to perform visual inspections of axle play (pins, pivots, suspensions, articulations, roller bearings, axle assembly, etc.) on a vehicle.

The axle play detectors are remotely controlled (wire connection) by a torch equipped with switches. The switches control the crossways, lengthways and combined movements of the plates.

Technical featuresAM56000
Dimensions 865 x 665 mm
Centre-to-centre between plates 1.77M
Plate min./max. track 900 mm / 2630 mm
Counter-plate min./max. track 1130 mm / 2390 mm
Plate displacement weight 190 kg
Nominal load per axle 15000 daN
Maximum load per axle 20000 daN
Force without load 3000 daN
Force with full load 2700 daN
Installation drawing for pits IMP214
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, Hydraulic axle play detector for heavy goods vehicles, ACTIA Automotive.
HGV - Heavy  Vehicle inspection lines, Hydraulic axle play detector for Heavy Goods Vehicles, ACTIA Automotive.

HGV chassis load simulator

Série. AM54700

According to ISO 21069-1:2004, brake system tests on Heavy Goods Vehicles - HGV must be performed when the vehicle is loaded. Chassis load simulators provide a quick and easy alternative to loading the vehicle with a standard mass.

The ACTIA® chassis load simulator uses a hydraulic lifting system and the axle on the bench supports the weight of the other axles of the tandem or tridem.

The system includes a function to resynchronise the actuators when they reach their end of travel (high or low).

Technical featuresAM54700
Lifting capacity per axle 12 T
Capacity in the low position 20 T
Lifting travel 250 mm
Lifting/lowering time 18 seconds
Service pressure 130 bar
Max. pressure 150 bar
Hydraulic actuators 8 actuators, dual-effect
Min. and max. track 800 mm, 2800 mm
Pulling simulator AM53400
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV chassis load simulator, ACTIA Automotive.


Series. AM45300-1MUX

This speedometer can measure the speed of the vehicle and check the distance covered (taximeter). Therefore, it has two functions:

  • Speedometer : to measure the speed displayed on the vehicle's speedometer.
  • Taximeter : to check the distance covered relative to the price.

This bench is equipped with an axle lifting system that makes it easier to remove the vehicle.

Technical featuresAM45300-1MUX
Dimensions of the pit (LxWxH) 980 x 3 100 x 360 mm
Maximum axle load 15 T
Minimum width 720 mm
Maximum width 2 800 mm
Centre-to-centre between rollers 500 mm
Roller diameter 244 mm
Rim diameter 13 – 24 inches
Roller lock 8 brake pads
Speed (non-motorised version) 90 km/h (static)
160 km/h (dynamic)
Max. bench speed 80 km/h
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV Speedometer, ACTIA Automotive.

Radio pressure sensors

Series. AM10000-RAD

As well as measuring brake performance, some countries also use pressure sensors to measure the pressure of the vehicle’s hydraulic braking system.

The ACTIA® system is made up of:

  • A radio communcations base,
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic sensors,
  • A charger,
  • A pedometer.
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV Radio pressure sensors, ACTIA Automotive.
1 radio base + 1 quick charger + 3 pneumatic sensors
+ 1 hydraulic sensor + 1 pedometer
1 radio base + 1 quick charger + 5 pneumatic sensors
+ 2 hydraulic sensor + 1 pedometer
1 radio base + 1 quick charger + 3 pneumatic sensors
+ 1 pedometer
HGV - Heavy Vehicle inspection lines, HGV inspection lines console, ACTIA Automotive.
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