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OBD - On-board diagnostics : ACTITRONIX

ACTITRONIX, diagnostics come out of the vehicle Inspection Center and and Automotive Services.

With more than 30 years of experience of constructor networks and after-sales, ACTIA® is the market leader for diagnostics solutions on the light vehicle and heavy goods vehicle markets in Europe.

Today, ACTIA® is innovating with its ACTITRONIX application. Multi-function, multi-target, multi-platform, and multi-system ACTITRONIX is designed to perform simple diagnostics functions for operators on the automotive market, other than repairers.

Based on the Multi-Diag data, ACTITRONIX works with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth VCI. It can operate in standalone mode with its own application or be integrated in your system.


OBD-tester, diagnostic software, On-board diagnostics : Actitronix, ACTIA Automotive.
OBD tester - OBD tool software for car diagnostic, Actitronix,
ACTIA® Automotive.


ACTITRONIX customers have one thing in common: they all demand precision, speed and ease of use.

ACTITRONIX OBD is for vehicle inspection centres looking for a modern tool for their OBD/ECSS/directive 2014-45 tests.

ACTITRONIX V.O. is for professional used-vehicle dealers who want to check their vehicles before selling them and to certify their condition.

ACTITRONIX FAST is designed for fast fitters for simple maintenance operations, such as ECU resets or actuator tests.

ACTITRONIX PASS is used to perform electronic acceptance checks on cars arriving in a garage or hire car returns.

ACTITRONIX CERT is used to check the conformity of vehicles in roadside checks by the police (Directive 2014-47) or for vehicle imports.


ACTITRONIX is a multi-system tool, available for :

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android


DIAGNOSTIC function* :
  • Express diag: lists the ECUs with fault readings
  • Parameter readings: mileage, VIN, oil level, maintenance parameters, etc.
  • Simple maintenance: mileage reset after maintenance, actuator tests, etc.
  • ECSS (Electronically Controlled Safety Systems)
Fonction OBD :
  • Fault readings
  • Parameter readings
*Depending on availability on the vehicle.
Supported protocols
ISO 15765
ISO 9141
ISO 14230
SAE J1850


ACTITRONIX can operate in standalone mode with its own application or be integrated in your system.

In server mode, the application is installed on your server and the VCIs connect to the server by Wi-Fi or over the same network.

A remote user interface can be installed on any device - smartphone, PC or tablet - that is connected to the network.

In standalone mode, the application is installed locally on any device: smartphone, PC or tablet. No Wi-Fi connection is necessary. The VCIs are connected by Bluetooth.

Server mode

Local mode

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