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Headlight tester for Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle and motorcycle : SMARTLYNX

Automatic headlight tester 100% ACTIA® developed and made in France.

  • Headlight tester dedicated to vehicle inspection centers to measure all kind of beams (high, low and fog beams).
  • Analysis by CMOS camera, for the control of new generation of beams : Xenon, Halogen, LED, Laser ...
  • 7” wide colour touch screen.
  • Compliants with international standards, communication by GEIGLAN and OTCLAN protocols, ASANET-compatible, Wi-Fi or Ethernet transmission.

SMARTLYNX, the most advanced headlight tester on the market.

Easy to use

  • Column fitted with a counterweight for easy movement of the optical unit to the required height (light vehicle, heavy goods vehicle HGV - LGV and motorcycle).
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software interface with a 7” touch screen for a better results reading and user-friendliness.
  • Camera-assisted positioning in front of the vehicle.

Quick and accurate

  • High-performance processor and operating system for real-time image processing.
  • Image analysis to the nearest pixel making SMARTLYNX the most advanced headlight tester on the market.
  • The adjustment of the optic is assisted by camera and software for a quicker utilization.
  • Integrated inclinometer.


  • Metal optical unit.
  • Thermo molded cover.
  • IP43 classified product (against water and dust).
  • Protected connections by waterproof cover flaps.

Automatic and standalone

  • Automatic calibration of the camera.
  • 12h autonomy in operation.

Easy maintenance

  • Real time for maintenance and updates.
Positioning type in relation to the vehicle Wheels or rails
Positioning type in relation to the headlamp By camera
Data transmission USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Measurement type CMOS cameras
Supply Main power supply or battery
Dimension (L x l x H) 649 x 650 x 2000 mm
Height measurement range/td> 250 to 1500 mm
Weight 44 kg
Battery Rechargeable accumulator
Lithium-ion, 12 hours autonomy in operation
Output voltage of power supply 12V - 3A
Ambient temperature range -5°C to +40°C
Storing temperature range -15°C to +55°C
Relative humidity < 98% without condensation
Range of horizontal deviation +6 to -6%
Range of vertical deviation +10 to -10%
Accuracy +/- 0.2 %
Display of the intensity Lux or Kcd or cd
Range of intensity 0 to 200 lux or 0 to 125 000 cd
Headlight tester for light vehicle - Headlight tester for heavy vehicle - Headlight tester for motorcycle : SMARTLYNX. The high-tech equipment for the adjustment of headlamps in vehicle technical inspection centres. Made in France by ACTIA® Automotive - Aftermarket.
The high-tech 100% electronic headlight tester
developed and made in France by ACTIA® Automotive.
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