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Headlight tester 664-6

Headlight tester 664-6

The essentiel testing equipment for light vehicle

  • The 664-6 uses a photocell measurement system.
  • The appliance is aligned precisely on the vehicle's headling unit using either a mirror or a laser beam.
Simple to use
  • Its ergonomic control unit which can be tilted according to the operator’s position is extremely simple to use.
  • Guided by the headlight adjuster display, the operator measures the height from the bottom of the reflector using a laser. The result obtained sets the tolerance range for the acceptable tilt on the vehicle.
  • It may be placed freely on the wheels or be guided by rail and the optical unit moves vertically along a cylindrical aluminium column.
Pocket printer

An option on the 664-6 and 764-8 headlight adjuster, it enables you to see the results obtained instantly.

It is also suitable for the I-OBD reader.

Technical characteristics664-6CT
Positioning type in relation to the vehicle Rail or wheels
Positioning type in relation to the light Mirror or Laser
Optical unit centring By central laser
Type of measurement Photocell
Measurement range Drawdown : +2 ; -4 %
Lateral : NON
Precision : 0,2 %
Intensity : NON
Printer External printer as option
Power supply type Mains or battery
Dimensions (length x width x height) 670 x 600 x 1740 cm
Weight 34 kg
Type de transmission Bluetooth ou Wifi en option
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