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Inspection Lines for Motorcycle / Tricycles/ Quads

In many countries the world over, two-wheeled vehicles undergo the same inspections as passenger cars and heavy goods vehicles.

A complete line

Series. AM1001
  • Console with adjustable HD screen and Windows PC,
  • Multi-user infrared remote control,
  • Brake test bench to measure the braking force and dynamic weighing,
  • Available in fitted or podium versions.
ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for quad and tricycle
Complete line quad and tricycle technical control


These totally modular inspection lines can be used to test tricycle or quad type three or four wheelers by adding a second braking chassis to our fitted line.

This bench has the same characteristics as the main bench.

Technical featuresAM1001
Lane capacity 1,000 daN
Lane capacity 600 daN
Braking force 300 daN
Dry/wet grip coefficient > 0, 9 / > 0, 6
Roller diameter 204 mm
Centre-to-centre 368 mm
Roller rotation speed > 5 km/h
Wheel test capacity 250 < ... < 700 mm
Reference roller diameter 80 mm
ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycles, complete line.Complete line motorcycle technical control

Asymmetrical clamps

Series. AM51300

The wheel clamp locking systems holds the motorcycle perfectly during braking and speed tests. These pneumatic clamps have a maximum clamping force of 200 kg.

Fitted line clamps AM51300-S2
Podium line clamps AM51300-P2
ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycle asymmetrical clamps.
Asymmetrical clamps

Wheel alignment kit

Serie. AM122000

This kit is used to measure the offset (in mm) between the centre planes of each wheel of a two-wheeled vehicle under normal riding conditions, in a straight line and on a flat surface.

Measurements are taken using two modules. Also available for the alignment of quads.

Technical featuresAM122000
Misalignment measurement +- 50 mm
Distance measurement precision +2.5 / - 0.5 mm
Precision/alignment +4.5 / -2.5 mm
Reproducibility +- 1 mm
Quad kit reference AM122000-1
ACTIA Automotive, inspection-lines for motorcycle wheel alignement kit.
Wheel alignment kit


Serie. AM51200

This speedometer with non-braked rollers is used to measure the speed of mopeds. Available in pit or on floor versions.

ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycle : speedometer.


ACTIA® offers complete inspection lines for motorcycles, plus a broad range of accessories.

ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycle pressure gauge.
Pressure gauge
ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycle : Inspection terminals.Inspection terminals
ACTIA Automotive, Inspection lines for motorcycle : Pedometer.Pedometer
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